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Tips for Battery Chargers

Read about some of the suggestions and notes on using the EBL battery charger. Learn how to properly and safely use them.


    1. Charge the compatible batteries only. Explosion rupture or leakage may occur if charging an incompatible battery or device.
    2. Improper use of the charger will shine into damage.
    3. Use the charger indoors or in a car, do not expose it to rain or snow.
    4. Do not disconnect or install it.


    1. Avoid dropping or placing heavy object on it.
    2. Operating temperature is 0℃~35℃.
    3. Children should use the charger under the supervision of adults.
    4. Keep the charger away from heat generating devices or high temperature places, and don’t expose to sunlight directly.
    5. Do not charge the non-rechargeable battery.
    6. It is normal to be a little heat while charging.
    7. Unplug the charger when not in use to avoid prolonged energization to accelerate the aging process of the charger.

    What does it mean when the battery charger is blinking red or flashing error?

    Under most circumstances, flashing red light or flashing in ERROR indicates that the positive and negative terminals of the battery are installed backwards, resulting in a short circuit, improperly placed batteries, broken batteries, or charging of non-rechargeable and mismatched batteries.