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There are various reasons why a battery may not charge:

  1. Aging: Over time, batteries naturally age, leading to reduced capacity and diminished charging capability. Aged batteries may struggle to hold a charge or reach the expected charge level.
  2. Damage: Physical damage or overcharging during use can lead to battery damage, rendering it unable to charge.
  3. Internal Faults: Internal component failures or short circuits within the battery may hinder charging. This could be due to manufacturing defects or other issues.
  4. Non-rechargeable Battery: Attempting to charge a non-rechargeable battery can result in failure and potential damage. Ensure the battery is designed for recharging.
  5. Charger Issues: Using an incompatible or damaged charger can prevent the battery from charging. Charger malfunctions or connection problems may also affect charging effectiveness.
  6. Battery Protection: Some batteries have built-in protection mechanisms that halt charging when issues arise to prevent safety hazards.

It is advisable to recharge the battery every 3 months if it has been fully charged and remains unused for an extended period. This helps maintain its health and prevents performance degradation.

The recommendation depends on the specific circumstances. Generally, it's advisable to rotate the use of batteries, meaning to alternate between different batteries to ensure they all receive adequate charging and usage. This helps balance the lifespan and performance of the batteries.
On the other hand, if a device requires the simultaneous use of multiple batteries, it's important to use batteries of the same type, specifications, and similar age to ensure optimal performance and stability when used together.

Mixing batteries with different capacities can lead to uneven discharge, charging imbalances, and potential safety risks. It's best to use batteries with similar capacities for optimal performance and safety.

Batteries heat up during charging due to the conversion of electrical energy into heat through internal reactions. Factors like internal impedance, charging speed, and battery type, especially in lithium-ion batteries, contribute to this heat.

While some heating is normal, excessive heat can affect battery life and performance. Using proper charging equipment helps ensure safe charging and reduces the risk of overheating.

To calculate the charging time, you should first identify the output current of the battery charger you're using. Then, use the formula:

Charging time (rough estimate) = Battery capacity / Output current

Battery Chargers

  1. Installation Errors: A blinking red light or flashing error may indicate incorrect installation of the battery, leading to a short circuit.
  2. Battery Placement and Condition: Incorrect battery placement, a damaged battery, or attempting to charge a non-rechargeable or incompatible battery can trigger a flashing red light or an ERROR.
  3. Extended Charging Period: Leaving the battery in the charger for an extended period without removal may also cause the charger to flash a red light or display an ERROR.

For the battery charger featuring a USB cable input, this might indicate a low adapter current. To address this, connect a 5V/2A adapter for optimal charging performance, as outlined in the manual.

  1. This occurrence might be due to version differences in some chargers before and after optimization.
  2. We recommend turning off the charger and then turning it back on to troubleshoot.
  3. If the batteries are confirmed rechargeable and functional, the issue may lie in internal components of the charger, such as false soldering or welding anomalies.

No, battery chargers equipped with a discharge function incorporate a cut-off voltage mechanism. This feature halts the discharge process once the batteries reach the specified voltage, mitigating the risk of over-discharge.

This indicates that during the conversion of electrical energy into usable power for the battery, 80% of the electrical input is effectively utilized, with the remaining 20% possibly transformed into heat or other forms of energy loss.

It is advisable not to keep the charger powered on for a long period of time, as doing so can accelerate its aging process.


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After-sales Guarantees

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We will take care of all quality-related issues with a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND including any return shipping costs.

Warranty excludes:

1) Damage caused by misuse the faulty parts.(including static discharge).

2) Improper installation.

3) Damaged by yourself.

4) Purchase the product by mistake.

5) Neglect, accident or modification, which was welded or changed during the assembly process.

6) Complimentary products.


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