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If you already have a USB wall charger in a spot where you’d like to charge batteries—by a bedside table or desk, for example—you can plug the EBL 6201 into that instead of taking up an entire outlet.


EBL batteries prioritize performance energy for their rechargeable lineup, meaning each battery is engineered for maximum output to your devices and long lifespans.


EBL is a small electronics brand that’s focused on cornering the rechargeable battery market. And as of right now, the company is doing a great job.


The EBL 2,800 mAh High Capacity batteries came close to living up to their name. They come pre-charged and in a handy plastic case that makes them easier to store. This might sound like a small thing, but storing them properly helps prevent self-discharge, where the charge slowly leaks out over time.


An LED display on the charger clearly shows when each battery is fully charged. The charger will automatically switch to trickle mode when the batteries are near full to ensure each battery reaches its max charge, and there’s a discharge function for refreshing batteries. The charger also includes some useful safety features that will automatically turn off the unit when it senses improper voltage, a short circuit, or nonrechargeable batteries.


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