Best Batteries for the Nerf Blasters

You probably first began your Nerf blaster journey with their spring-loaded guns. They were fun to operate, and running around shooting your friends with these darts began your obsession. These blasters provided enough firepower to compete with other players at the beginning stage of this sport.

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Over time, however, you may have felt the desire to upgrade to faster blasters. You probably wanted a more durable product with a higher ball or dart capacity. Overall you enjoyed the best product to contend with your challenger. 


Typically, the battery-powered Nerf blasters were necessary to meet the requirements of battling your opponent. These blasters are energy hogs, and you want to choose something other than any ordinary battery. Therefore, purchasing the best batteries is essential so your Nerf blaster functions as promised.


What are the Best Batteries for a Nerf Blaster?


The size of the battery will depend upon which Nerf Blaster you are operating. The newly released M41-Alien Pulse Blaster takes C batteries and is a lighter Blaster for you to take into battle. The popular RapidStrike CS-18  also uses the same type of C batteries.


However, not all Nerf Blasters use C batteries. You must consult Nerf's spec sheet to use the proper batteries. The two other types of batteries Nerf puts in their blasters are AA and D-sized batteries. 


Depending on what your needs are in a battery will dictate which types of batteries will work best. The factors that may drive your decision-making process are the battery's longevity, power, and weight. 


If you are constantly replacing non-rechargeable batteries, it can become expensive. Therefore, you may also wonder about batteries that are rechargeable. 


Best Nerf Blaster Batteries for Longevity


Ultimately, if you want to play for extended periods, you will need Nerf Blaster nonrechargeable batteries that will hold as much power as possible. Therefore no matter the battery's size, you will want Lithium-ion batteries


When you want the best batteries to allow you to keep playing longer, you will need EBL's size D Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have 10000mWh high capacity to provide plenty of energy to your Nerf Blaster.

Nerf Gun D battery replacement

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These nonrechargeable batteries also have the least amount of self-discharge rates. Meaning they will keep the power in the battery for a longer time. 


Combining the power capacity and longevity makes these batteries the best option as long as your Nerf Blaster will utilize size D batteries.


Best Nerf Blaster Batteries for Power


Like nonrechargeable batteries' longevity, you will want to power the Nerf Blaster fully. The batteries with the most power will shoot the Nerf Blasters balls and darts at a longer distance. 


Therefore, you will want Lithium-ion batteries to power your Nerf Blaster. 


EBL's 1.5V AA Lithium 3000mAh nonrechargeable batteries are a fantastic choice to power your Nerf Blaster if it needs AA-sized batteries. These batteries provide more power than Duracell's best 2600mAH – 1.46V Duralock AA batteries.


EBL's 1.5V AA Lithium 3000mAh nonrechargeable batteries are a fantastic choice to power your Nerf Blaster if it needs AA-sized batteries.


Best Nerf Blaster Batteries for Weight


The smaller the batter, the less weight your Nerf Blaster will weigh. Therefore your arm will not be as tired from holding up all the weight. As a result of a less fatigued arm, you will have a better chance of hitting your target.


The lithium AA battery is the best lightweight battery. EBL's non-rechargeable 1.5V AA Lithium Batteries have 3000mAh of power. So not only will they provide you with less weight, but they will also provide you the energy you need to power your Nerf blaster for a long time. 


While these Nerf Blasters do not hold the same power as the previous D-sized batteries, they provide less weight. Conversion kits are available to put the AA batteries in Nerf Blasters requiring C and D batteries. The apparent drawback is that you will only be able to power these Nerf Blasters for a short time.


Best Rechargeable Batteries for Nerf Blaster


There are many different materials utilized for rechargeable batteries. Therefore, finding which rechargeable battery is best for your Nerf Blaster might take a lot of work.


You do not want to change your batteries every 15 minutes because the Nerf Blasters stopped shelling the balls or darts. Likewise, if it is shooting the balls or darts, you want them to travel further than 5 feet away. 


The best rechargeable batteries will provide you the power to attack your target at a reasonable distance and provide hours of playtime. Therefore we suggest using rechargeable Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.


EBL's NiMH rechargeable batteries provide the best way to power your Nerf Blaster with rechargeable batteries. Size AA C and D rechargeable batteries are available. Therefore you can recharge the batteries for your Nerf Blaster while you are out on the field having fun.


The Bottom Line


When you are out in a Nerf battle with your friends and foes, you want to ensure you have the best batteries in your Nerf Blaster. You will wish to have the Nerf Blaster provide the longest-lasting power to shoot darts and balls. 


You might also take the tact of having the lightest weapon to shoot your Nerf Blaster. While your competition has become tired from holding their weapon, you will still have enough energy to blast your opponent as they rest. 


Overall the essential thing with Nerf Blasters is you have fun. The way to ensure you keep having fun is with the best batteries to power your Nerf Blaster.


If you are on a budget, it is essential to use rechargeable batteries to power your Nerf Blaster. Therefore you will want to have the best rechargeable batteries on the market. 


No matter your Nerf Blaster needs, you can trust EBL's batteries to provide you with the best batteries. As a result, you can stay outside longer playing your favorite Nerf games. 

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