Purchasing the Proper Batteries for Christmas Decorations

Nothing is more alarming to your children than opening up a new gift on Christmas, only to read "Batteries not included" documented on the box. To become a hero this Christmas season, have plenty of lithium and rechargeable batteries for Christmas decorations, toys, and other electronic gifts.

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However, Christmas isn't Christmas without Christmas decorations. Therefore you will need your Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, and even an animatronic Santa Claus with his reindeer decorations for the authentic feel of the Christmas Spirit. 


Many of these Christmas decorations need batteries to power the spirit of Christmas in your household. Therefore it is essential to know if your ornaments need NiMH batteries or power with rechargeable batteries. 


Please continue reading for suggestions for reducing your battery expenses by purchasing the best batteries for your Christmas needs. We will also provide some bonus tips on how to extend battery life.



Which Batteries are Picking the Best Batteries for LED Christmas Lights and Toys?



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Lithium batteries are for various toys, including talking dolls, remote-controlled cars, and video game controllers. Lithium batteries also have a variety of different sizes. AA batteries are the most standard battery in toys, although some items might require AAAs.


Lithium batteries are also generally utilized in battery-operated Christmas lights. Most new battery-operated options are LED lights, which rely on AA batteries. However, you may encounter non-LED battery-operated light options that run on other sizes, such as C alkaline batteries.

We also offer plenty of rechargeable battery options, including rechargeable AA batteries. 


Rechargeable batteries provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable batteries. Therefore you can save money by constantly replacing these non-rechargeable batteries. Remember to pick up a high-performance charger if you opt for rechargeable batteries.


EBL has a fantastic selection of non-rechargeable batteries. These batteries possess a long-lasting charge. Therefore you will only need to replace them sometimes. EBL has AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V non-rechargeable batteries to power your Christmas decorations.


The drawback to rechargeable batteries is that they often need to replace with newly charged batteries.



Save Money by Buying Batteries in Bulk


Here's a tip to help save you some money; it's much cheaper to buy lithium batteries in bulk in the long run. Most Lithium batteries have a shelf-life of 10 years or more, so there's no worry about them going bad.


Many box stores have bulk packs, including 24 groups of Energizer or Duracell batteries. Energizer or Duracell are brands that spend significant money for you to know their name. However, you may need to become more familiar with Rayovac. The same box stores provide 36 packs of Rayovac High Energy batteries.


Therefore if you want to store a bulk amount of batteries, you can save some money. However, the drawback is storing non-rechargeable batteries can self-discharge over some time. Therefore when you need the batteries, you might need more power for your Christmas decorations or toys. 


How to Store Batteries Safely


Lithium batteries perform best in temperatures between 30° and 70° F, so try to store your batteries in a dry area free from extreme temperatures. Temperatures over 85° F can shorten a battery's life cycle, while temperatures below freezing can decrease an alkaline battery's overall power.


An essential tip for the end of the holidays is to be sure and remove batteries from toys, lights, and decorations before putting them back in storage. Batteries sitting idle for long periods are likely to become discharged. 


Once a battery becomes discharged, the internal gas buildup can force the battery to leak. Therefore it can potentially damage the device as a result. 


It is a wise idea to extract the batteries first before you cram away your battery-powered Christmas decorations for another season. 


Battery Recycling


What should you do with those old batteries once they have lost their charge? Please bring them to any Batteries Plus Bulbs location to have them recycled. It's easy to help the environment by keeping your spent batteries and light bulbs out of landfills. 


You can also consult your local waste management company to see if they have options to help you recycle these batteries. Ultimately batteries have nonrenewable resources that can be reused in future battery components. 


Battery Storage


Typically Christmas decorations are only utilized for one month out of each year. Therefore, you will store Christmas decorations out of use for nearly eleven months. As a result of storage, if you keep the batteries in the Christmas decorations, they will slowly discharge the energy.


Therefore it is suggested to remove the batteries. Then store your decorations so the batteries can remain optimally charged. 


All the Christmas decorations you carefully displayed over Thanksgiving putting will need to be stored in boxes. Sometimes you can mistakenly turn these devices on. Therefore, this can discharge the power to the battery and create a fire hazard. 


Since you will need to remove these batteries, it might be better to use rechargeable batteries. 


Using Rechargeable Batteries in Christmas Decorations. 


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Rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to powering your Christmas decorations. You can provide these decorations with the power they need each night. Then replace them with batteries you have charged the next day.


An essential thing to remember is to utilize LED lights when using batteries. It is even more true with rechargeable batteries as they have less power to keep the lights lit.


The great thing about LED lights is they use 90-98% less electricity than standard lights. Therefore, your lights will be lit nearly sixteen times longer. Instead of the old candescent lights, you should see at least four hours with LED lights. 


Some of the animatronic moving Christmas decorations can also utilize rechargeable batteries. You can turn these devices on and off when entertaining guests. Then when the depleted battery loses its charge, you need to replace it with another charged battery.


EBL has a great selection of rechargeable batteries. If your want to power your Christmas decorations with rechargeable batteries, you can get the correct size battery for the decoration. EBL has AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V rechargeable batteries to power your Christmas.

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