EBL Portable Power Station Voyager 1000 Review

Are you someone who enjoys spending time outdoors camping, RVing, living the van life or simply want something that generates power in an emergency? Let’s talk about the EBL Voyager 1000 watt-hour solar generator that is a powerhouse for its size!

To start things off, I’m an outdoors off-road enthusiast who loves spending his time outdoors regardless of the activity. Some of my main hobbies are boating, fishing, camping, and off-roading on my quad or dirt bike. I also spend an average of 50 nights per year in my roof top tent. Mind you I still manage to work full time as a System Administrator in the IT field. How I do this you may ask? I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to telework. So long as I have power for my laptop, phone and have decent signal I can work anywhere. That is where this 1000-watt-hour unit and 100-watt Solarapollo panel come into play.

EBL Portable Power Station Voyager 1000 Review

I can be mobile with this unit. It is small enough, light enough, and super easy to carry with its built-in handle. The total unit weight is 18lbs. Daily at any given time, I can simultaneously charge my laptop, phone, and power or charge another device so long as I don’t exceed the recommended limit. Even
then this unit has a safety feature to automatically shut off if your power draw exceeded the limit.

Some Charge Testing

I did some charge testing on this unit and was able to charge the following items x number of times with 1 test per item starting at a full Voyager battery.

- HP laptop 20 full charges
- Samsung Note Tested with over 25 full charges

- Roof Top Tent lighting tested over 90 straight runtime hours
- Electric heated blanket 5 hours straight runtime for 4 nights in a row
- Portable 12v fan 62-hour straight runtime
- Drone batteries 23 full charges
- Cannon camera batteries tested over 20 full charges with plenty of room for more (Solarapollo 100Watt Panel)

EBL Portable Power Station 1000W

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