Why Do Fully Charged Batteries Die Quickly? Reason And Solution.


Have you ever encountered a situation where your batteries show as fully charged in the charger, but then die rapidly when installed in your device? It can be frustrating and confusing, but it's a common issue that has a simple solution.

Why Do Fully Charged Batteries Die Quickly?Reason

The reason why fully charged batteries die quickly is often due to battery protection and a high-current fast charger. When a battery is low on power, the protection circuit inside it cuts off the flow of electricity to prevent over-discharge and potential damage to the battery. This protection circuit can also prevent the battery from accepting a charge if the voltage is too low.

A high-current fast charger, such as the one that might come with your device or purchased separately, can be a problem because it delivers a large current to the battery, which triggers the protection circuit to shut off the flow of electricity. As a result, the battery appears to be fully charged when it's actually not.

(As example: In this video,  there is no electricity inside, the batteries are protected by low voltage, and the original charger in video is a high-current fast charger, high current instantly fills the battery (battery protection, no small current activation, false charging)

How to solve this issuse?Solution

The solution to the problem of fully charged batteries dying quickly is to activate your batteries by charging and discharging them several times. By doing so, you can break down the resistance inside the battery, which will allow the battery to accept a charge properly.

However, it's essential to use a proper charger that can discharge the battery with a small current first before recharging it. The EBL906 charger is an example of a charger that has a discharging function. After discharging, the battery is automatically charged, which activates the battery properly.

To ensure that your batteries are fully activated, you can let the EBL 906 charger charge and discharge the battery 2-3 times before putting it into the device for use. By doing so, you can be sure that your batteries will work well and last longer.


( As example: Using the EBL 906 charger, Tom was able to activate his batteries properly, and they worked well and lasted longer.

smart battery charger for aa aaa 9V C D

EBL 802 charger can also work well as 906 charger, more affordable.

ebl 802 charger, cheapest

EBL 802 Charger




If you're experiencing the problem of fully charged batteries dying quickly, there's no need to panic. By understanding the cause of the problem and following the simple solution outlined above, you can activate your batteries and get them to work correctly. Remember, using a proper charger that can discharge the battery with a small current first is the key to activating your batteries and making them last longer.


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