Tips To Store Batteries Safely - Battery Storage Guidelines!

Battery Storage Guidelines!
When batteries are not maintained and cared for, they might harm human health. Battery storage over a long period requires avoiding leaks, explosions, or destruction. Besides, there are ways to extend the life of conventional batteries.

We've put up an easy tutorial on storing and caring for batteries while they're in use. We'll go through the proper way to dispose of batteries, where to dump them, and a few other things you may not be aware of.

Please visit EBL Official website if you need detailed battery care information. Also, reading the complete guide could be beneficial to you. So, let us get started!

1. How Long can a Battery Last?

Alkaline batteries have a shelf life of five to ten years, while Ni-MH batteries have three to five years. It is possible to hold a partial charge in a li-ion battery for up to four years before it is completely discharged. (Note: NiMH Batteries come with Problems: Intolerant of storage and Self-discharge.)

Manufacturers promise to maintain the charge of their batteries until their end date. If you keep your batteries stored correctly, you'll likely be able to use them for some time after their end date.

Environmental conditions pose the greatest threat to the long-term viability of batteries. Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can deplete batteries, as can high humidity. 

2. Storing Batteries: The Best Tips for a Longer Use!

battery storage box

Follow these storage tips/how to store batteries to ensure that your batteries are in top condition for as long as possible. However, different battery types have varying shelf life. It can even be under ideal storage circumstances. When storing batteries, be sure to follow these guidelines to maintain them:

Never Put Batteries in a Metal Box 

Keep your spent batteries in a collection cube rather than putting them in the gadget itself. Keep it somewhere that is both dry and well-ventilated. Do not store used batteries in the refrigerator or near an oven. It is because this can damage the batteries and cause them to explode.

You should not keep pillboxes and medication near tiny batteries. It's easy to confuse button cells with drugs because of their shape and size. 

Consider EBL Official if you want to get one of the top products available in the industry. However, it would be best only to charge the EBL Official's batteries once or twice every month. (Note: To prevent short circuits, never store your batteries in a metal box.)

🍀 Remove the Batteries from the Equipment

Self-storage is probably not the best option when it comes to battery-powered items. If you remove your batteries from devices, they have a better chance of lasting longer. If your batteries leak, you won't worry about your gadgets becoming damaged

🍀 Let the Batteries stay Packed

Have you just purchased a new set of batteries and would want to begin unpacking them right now? Keep calm and carry on! If you can, keep the batteries in their original packing until you need to use them. Many benefits are present in keeping them in their original packaging.

Many environmental conditions can alter the power of a battery when it is not in its original box. Batteries can short-circuit if they come into contact with each other. 

They can also short circuit if they touch metal objects. It's impossible to have this kind of accident if you maintain them in their original box. In a good way, you won't be able to mix new and used batteries.

At the same time, when you store batteries, make sure these have sufficient power. These batteries will self-discharge if stored in a place where they can’t move or we do not use. But, if you store your batteries without sufficient power, it will start self-discharging and there’s a chance to get your battery dull soon.

🍀 Tie the Batteries Together

aa aa battery

A rubber band and plastic bag are all you need to keep your batteries safe if you don't have original packaging. It's essential to focus on the battery's cathodes and anodes. The cathodes and anodes are the negative and positive sides at either end. Make sure all the positive ends face the same way when storing batteries together.

🍀 Store the Batteries at Room Temperature or Below

Temperature-wise, have you ever thought about batteries? It's entirely acceptable to store them at ambient temperature in a dry atmosphere. You should keep batteries at a temperature of 15° Celsius, but its fine if they're slightly warmer. It's important to avoid direct sunlight, as heat is the number one enemy of batteries.

What are the dangers of storing them in too high or too low temperatures? Self-discharge of the battery will rise if the temperature is too high. If you store your battery at warmer temperatures, it will quickly lose its capacity. Doing so will reduce its lifespan. 

Temperatures that are too low can have a detrimental impact on the lifespan of your battery. If they get accompanied by high humidity, it can reduce the battery's lifespan. Most other brands of batteries are self-discharging. 

Unless a very small part of the battery with a similar poly ring material will not self-discharge, most other brands of batteries are self-discharging. A dry environment and a low temperature lower the risk of difficulties. The batteries from EBL are the best for the long lifespan of batteries usage.

🍀 Separately Store Used and New Batteries

It would be best if you did not store batteries and new ones. You cannot determine a battery's state of charge by looking at it. You'll always know which batteries you can use and which you can't if you store them separately. 

Batteries removed from your gadget but aren't yet entirely depleted are another matter. Put two storage boxes in a fixed and dry location to keep them from getting damaged. Empty batteries should go in one box, while usable batteries should go in the second box. Each box should have a label to help you tell them apart.

Expired batteries beg the question: what do you do with them now? Even while you can still use them, their full potential will no longer be available. Batteries gradually degrade over time if not utilized. Besides, there is no need to get rid of "expired" batteries. You can recycle batteries when they're empty. 

3. Conclusion

For a long time, if the battery has been put out without charging, or the battery voltage detected is 0V, it is a possibility that the battery should be reactivated. A correct battery storage method will increase the battery's life. It will also limit its potential for harm. These battery storage instructions are simple to remember. Also, make sure to share them with your loved ones. 

Visit EBL Official if you're looking to get the best batteries or other products. Their batteries and chargers are among the best in the country. EBL Official products also help improve the environment by promoting environmental improvement. By following these tips, you'll be able to store the batteries for more extended periods. 

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