The Best AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries


A comprehensive list of the greatest EBL Rechargeable AA&AAA Batteries available in the current market.

In most cases, rechargeable batteries are better than alkaline batteries. They are safe and reliable and produces less environmental waste. Besides, compared with disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries have a longer service life and feature lower costs and less waste of resources, fulfilling the goal of saving money.

Most standard rechargeable batteries aa have a rated capacity of 2,000mAh, while the rated capacity of aaa battery replacement is 800mAh, and there is not so many differences between battery brands. Whether you pop them into a wireless mouse, a children's toy or a flashlight, these batteries can work according to their own performance and the performance is not directly related to their brands. This is why many experts suggest that we can take the cost of a single battery into consideration, then select the cheapest famous brand battery. Therefore, when you need to stock batteries, EBL is your ideal option, which perfectly achieves the best balance between price and performance.


There are 3 main types of rechargeable batteries:

NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium) batteries


NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium)

Capacity of roughly 600–1000 mAh

Nickel-Metal Hydride battery

NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride)

Capacity of roughly 600–2750 mAh

Li-ion Batteries

Li-ion (Lithium Ion)

Capacity in mWh (Miliwatt hours)

The golden rule with NiCds battery is to fully discharge them every time before charging them again, so that they can work at peak performance longer.

NiCd can be "cycled" around 1000 times, or charged once a day for around 3 years before they die.

NiCd batteries has a lower voltage than its standard counterparts.

EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights


rechargeable aa batteries

EBL solar light battery(Amazon) wins the second seat on Amazon, for its ability to offer maximum-sized battery pack, also featuring high practicality and long service life. To be precise, you can receive 20 batteries in all, and these battery with a certain amount of power will be coming in handy.

Additionally, each battery also comes with a spare one whose rated capacity is 1100mAh and can be uniquely stored in the portable battery box. They can keep 75% capacity even after three years of storage/non-use.

We also focus on NiMH LSD batteries. Almost all AA and AAA rechargeable batteries adopt NiMH for its large capacity, and LSD batteries are the best because they can maintain a longer capacity when not in use.

Unlike NiCd batteries, most AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are made of NiMH. Compared with batteries made of NiCd, NiMH rechargeable batteries can maintain a longer charging time, achieve more charging times during their service life, and hold high capacity.

EBL Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries

best rechargeable aa batteries

For rechargeable batteries, we have to consider two things: how much power can the battery hold, and how long can the battery store power. EBL AA 2800mAh battery (Amazon)is known for its large capacity, outperforming all other brands of batteries in the test report, which can reach 1200 charging cycles. It’s suitable for power-consuming electronic products, such as cameras, lights or musical instruments. 

A portable plastic box makes it more convenient to carry and store. It seems that it’s no big deal, but storing them properly helps to prevent self-discharge, as charge will slowly leak out over time.

Besides, EBL provides 2300mAh and 2500mAh rechargeable aa batteries, also 800mAh and 1100mAh aaa battery replacement.

Children like colors, and color can bring stronger expressiveness, convey more information, also evoke a richer sensory experience. Bright colors will make life full of joy, so we launch this color batteries

Don’t Forget the Charger:
EBL 8-Bay AA and AAA Charger

EBL AA AAA Battery Charger

Don’t forget to buy a charger for all of your new batteries. The EBL 8-Bay AA and AAA charger is one of the cheapest options on the market, and it has enough slots to charge 8 AA or AAA batteries at once (each slot has connectors for AA or AAA sized batteries). 


Li-Ion batteries solve both the problem associated with with the other two types of batteries (full voltage and suffer no memory problems)

Not available in standard voltage, except for 9V size (AAA, AA, C, and D-size Li-ion put out 3.7V instead of 1.5V)

Requires a special charger

EBL 1.5V USB li-ion AA battery

Li-ion Rechargeable AA Batteries

So far, all the batteries on this list require a wall charger, but if you don't have an extra power outlet, this EBL USB rechargeable AA lithium-ion battery(Amazon) is a good choice.

Each battery has its own micro-USB connection, and a convenient 4-in-1 charging cable is included in the package, which you can plug them in to charge at the same time.

You don’t have to worry that these lithium-ion batteries will decrease in battery power performance over time, and the two-hour fast charging function is always available.

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